There aren’t many pros that can say they won their first contest, but Angela Yeo is one that can. She won the 2022 Chicago Pro over the summer, and she is now qualified for the Ms. Olympia, which will take place in Las Vegas this December. Yeo’s video of her posing routine from that contest has brought a lot of attention to the Women’s Bodybuilding division, which is something she is proud of.

“We have really made a splash with just that one piece,” said Yeo. “That somehow picked up an incredible amount of momentum, and I think because of that, it also landed a lot of views on the videos of everyone else that was there.”

Yeo expressed joy with her success in the sport. She was initially connected to bodybuilding through a magazine. That magazine did far more than give her a new interest; it helped her deal with some dark times.

“What I didn’t know was that it was going to teach me how to channel all of that pain and make it into a power,” she said. “Seeing a strong woman as toned and beautiful as that, but with the articles explaining that she had the knowledge. She studied the nutrition, the training, on how to change herself literally from the inside in the healthiest of possible ways, which was completely foreign to me.”

Now, Yeo is inspiring fans like she was herself back then, and she will continue to do when she competes in the Ms. Olympia contest. Yeo is still excited about that opportunity to stand alongside the best in the world.

“It’s unbelieveable,” she said proudly. “To go to the Olympia as a professional athlete, as an invited athlete, it’s like I knew I was going to go.”

Yeo shared a lot more about her childhood, her experience in training as well as her best lifts, and a lot more in this sit-down interview. Go to or subscribe to the Wings of Strength YouTube channel to watch the full interview, and don’t miss future episodes every Friday at 6 PM Eastern time.

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