Lou Ferrigno is always going to be one of our favorites at Muscle & Fitness. He first broke into the mainstream as a featured player in Pumping Iron as the underdog bodybuilder looking to challenge Arnold Schwarzenegger at the 1975 Mr. Olympia. For some, that would be more than enough fame to coast on, but Lou wasn’t done with his pop culture moment just yet.

In 1977, he landed the role that would define his career when he was cast as the Incredible Hulk, replacing Richard Kiel, who was originally hired to don the green body paint (Kiel also played Jaws in the James Bond films). Ferrigno wasn’t just a suitable replacement for the fired Kiel; he helped make The Incredible Hulk one of the most popular dramas of the late ’70s and early ’80s. He’s since played a vital part in the character’s legacy, having voiced the green goliath in various cartoons, movies, and video games. He’s also been a constant presence on TV (King of Queens) and on magazine covers in the decades since Hulk ended (he was on the cover of FLEX as recently as November 2017). He even made an impressive Olympia comeback in 1992 and ‘93 when he was well into his 40s, though he never brought home a Sandow. 

Nowadays, Lou is up there with Arnold as an elder statesman of the bodybuilding world, acting as a link to a time when the sport was arguably at its peak. So to celebrate Ferrigno’s 67th birthday, we scoured Getty for some of our favorite old school Lou looks.