Before we show you this ridiculous squat from International Powerlifting Federation world champion Amanda Lawrence, let’s remind you of two things: She’s 22 years old, and she’s only been doing this seriously for three and a half years. 

Now watch as she absolutely crushes a 573-pound squat: 

Even Lawrence can’t believe it, as she lets out an incredulous, “What?” at the end of her lift before screaming at the camera, “Y’all ain’t ready.” 

Presumably, she means we’re not ready for what she’ll do at the 2019 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals in October. Lawrence obviously has something special in the works, as she hashtagged her post #Roadto600. Could we see her squat that much at Nationals? We won’t put anything past the reigning world champ. Lately, she’s been deadlifting 550+ pounds and benching 270+

Those lifts are near or above what she lifted to win first in her weight class at the International Powerlifting Federation World Classic Powerlifting Championships earlier this year. There, she set world records in the squat, deadlift, and overall weight lifted and was crowned Champion of Champions for being the strongest woman regardless of weight class. 

The latest squat post garnered a lot of praise from fellow lifters, and Lawrence’s coach Joey Flexx was simply stunned. “B-RUHHH,” he commented. We couldn’t have put it any better.

In preparation for Nationals, Lawrence posted a hype video that features her and training partner, Russell Orhii, who’s quite the accomplished lifter himself. Check them out in action here:

October 16 can’t get here soon enough.