Amanda Lawrence doesn’t mess around in the gym. The 21-year-old powerlifter already set unofficial World Records in the squat and deadlift at USAPL Nationals in October, and she took to Instagram on Sunday to show off an unbelievable new personal record: a 570-pound squat. 

As if just lifting nearly 600 pounds isn’t impressive enough, Lawrence pulled it off fairly easily considering the weight on her back. A 570-pound squat would be an impressive feat for literally anyone, let alone an 84kg female lifter. 



In June 2018, Lawrence’s meet PR was 496 pounds, which she followed up with a 526-pound squat to set the unofficial World Record in October. Shortly after, she squatted 550 pounds in the gym. This week’s 570-pound squat dwarfs those weights. In just seven months, she added 74 pounds to an already impressive squat max. 

Lawrence is in the midst of prepping for her next meet, the Arnold USA Powerlifting Championships, at the end of February. Follow her on Instagram at @miss.amanda.ann to keep up with her training updates.