So far, the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival hasn’t disappointed—but as we watch world records fall and new names establish themselves as the best in their sport, last night proved that the most impressive lifts don’t always have to be about the weight. 

Miles Taylor, a 24-year-old lifter with cerebral palsy who weighs just around 99 pounds, was brought on stage as a special guest of Arnold Schwarzenegger during Friday night’s Arnold Classic competition and proceeded to hit an incredible 185-pound deadlift in front of a packed house of rowdy fitness fans and powerlifting legends in Columbus, Ohio. As Taylor himself wrote on his Instagram profile: “I have CP, CP doesn’t have me.” Check it out below:

Before Miles’s lift, Schwarzenegger told the crowd that he first learned of Taylor after watching a recent video of him deadlifting twice his bodyweight. “I thought it was so extraordinary that we should have him on stage here and show what he can do,” the bodybuilding icon told the crowd.

Taylor, who has only been training for around a year, started out as a photographer taking pictures of other people in the gym before trying it out for himself. The videos he posts of his lifts have since gone viral, with one from February getting covered by outlets throughout the country and racking up more than 700,000 views on Instagram.

2019 Arnold Classic

2019 Arnold Classic

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