It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 30 years since the dynamic duo of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito hooked up for the 1988 comedy hit Twins.

A huge success at the box office, one can only wonder why a follow-up has yet to be made. Well, wonder no more. The movie’s star, Schwarzenegger, has just announced that a Twins sequel is finally in the works. And, since it appears that a third brother has been added to the mix, the film has been aptly titled Triplets.

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“I had a conversation yesterday with my agent, and he said that the script will be finished in 14 days,” Schwarzenegger confirmed with Business Insider. “Ivan Reitman is extremely happy with what he’s seen so far, he just wants to make a few tweaks, so that’s music to my ears. I think sometime beginning of next year we can shoot the film.”

So who’s the newly discovered, long-lost sibling? Another Hollywood celebrity who rose to stardom back in the ’80s: Eddie Murphy. It’s the perfect cast for this long-awaited reunion, and one that’s sure to bring lots of laughs along the way.

In keeping with the blast from the past theme, Reitman will be back at the helm once again as director. “Everyone is happy to do this movie,” Schwarzenegger added.

In case you weren’t around to catch the original flick back in the day, the premise was that Schwarzenegger and DeVito were twins separated at birth…clearly not of the identical sort. This clip should help get you up to speed:

The movie gave Schwarzenegger a chance to showcase his comedic chops, and he went on to make other lighter-fared features, including Kindergarten Cop, Junior, and Jingle All The Way.

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