Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s illustrious and storied career has taken him around the world to showcase his many unique talents. And while he’s still hitting the weights and spreading the word about the importance of fitness, he’s also been a leading voice in conservation issues for a healthier planet. 

Now Schwarzenegger is lending his pipes to a project that promotes the beauty and splendor of the sea. The bodybuilding icon with the unmistakable accent has teamed up with world-renowned diver Jean-Michel Cousteau to present a unique 3D look at life in the ocean.

“When I saw the footage, I realized right away this was a visual feast. It was not just entertaining, but it was also, from an environmental point of view, a message. Let’s keep our ocean clean, and let’s keep our world clean,” said Schwarzenegger. 

This underwater 3D movie to save the ocean gives us a truly fascinating glimpse of a world never before seen quite like this. “This film was a unique opportunity to show things that, after 71 years of scuba diving, I am not able to see when I go diving,” said Cousteau, the film’s director.

“If you really want to have a great experience of feeling like you are with the fish, or any other creatures that you see in the ocean, and they’re kind of around you…If you want to get that feeling, that’s 3D. And that is using 3D in a really wise way,” Schwarzenegger went on to add.

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