Arnold Schwarzenegger Photobombs Tourists at Eiffel Tower

The Oak makes his presence known during a group photo in front of France's most iconic monument.

Arnold-Schwarzenegger Shaking Hands In Crowd
Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

At first, the group of Thai tourists probably didn't have the fondest of thoughts for the stranger in the camouflage jacket pedaling right into their well-conceived Eiffel Tower photo, appearing in The Sun. No doubt there were some pissed vacationers at that moment, but their blood soon cooled upon realizing that the photobombing cyclist was none other than the great Arnold Schwarzenegger

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"We all went to Paris on a group tour and we all got together for a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower," said one of the snapped tourists. "Then some foreigner on a bike stopped in front of the group. I was thinking to myself, ‘Why is he so rude?’"

Another in the group seemed to be more impressed with the stranger's swagger, and used social media to share his thoughts on the occurrence. “I thought to myself, ‘Hey, what a badass!'” The tourist, posting as Y-G2006, admitted they had no clue who the mystery man was at first. It wasn't until someone tipped them off that they realized their photobomber was the world's greatest bodybuilder and action hero.  

Schwarzenegger later took to Instagram and thanked the tourists for “letting me crash your photo!”