Arnold Schwarzenegger Schools Troll After Special Olympics Insult

The seven-time Mr. Olympia demonstrates the precise way to deal with the worst Internet trolls.

Arnold Schwarzenegger/Facebook

Sadly, there will always be bitter and angry people trolling the Internet—deliberately intent on attacking or offending others from the safe confines of their parents' basement. Such was the case of a misguided moron, who recently made an idiotic comment about The Special Olympics on Arnold Schwarzenegger's Facebook page

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While most of us would pay to see Schwarzenegger "terminate" this troll with his bare hands, the bodybuilding legend offered a verbal beatdown that was just as satisfying. Check out the transaction below:

Taking the high road is not always the easiest thing to do—especially after inflammatory comments were made about courageous athletes with special needs—but Schwarzenegger saw this as a teachable moment to set this confused kid on the right path. Will it work? We may never know, but there's no doubt the message was heard loud and clear by kind and decent human beings, and those who live to troll.