Arnold's Latest Training Montage Will Inspire You to Hit the Gym Hard

He's still got it at 70, thanks to his unwavering dedication to the gym.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Holiday Training Montage
Schwarzenegger / Twitter

If anyone knows the value of hard work in the gym, it's Arnold Schwarzenegger. His dedication to fitness won him seven Mr. Olympia titles back in the day, and the same work ethic has helped him stay fit and healthy ever since. So it's no surprise that he's still up for a good training montage every now and then to remind fans just how important it is to keep at it.

On Monday, Schwarzenegger wished his fans a Merry Christmas and gave us a friendly reminder that holidays don't mean days off. "Merry Christmas, happy holidays, but remember: There is no celebration—we are exercising every day," he said in a Twitter video. Just for good measure, he gifted us with a classic "Put that cookie down!"

"The Austrian Oak" accompanied his holiday message with a training montage that's sure to keep you motivated in 2018. Check out the video in the tweet below:

It's been a long time since Schwarzenegger hit the stage as a competitor, but you can't deny that the seven-time Sandow trophy winner has still got it.

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