When one thinks of actor Chris Hemsworth, a common image that comes to mind is a strong, powerfully muscular mythological figure wielding a massive hammer — and for good reason, the man worked hard to build the physique of a God. And as hard as he worked to build up that body of an Adonis, he had to work just as hard to deconstruct it.

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For his role as first officer of a whaling ship in the upcoming action-adventure, In the Heart of the Sea, Chris Hemsworth’s body of work has taken a dramatically different turn. In this cinematic retelling of a 19th-century story that left a ship’s crew stranded for 90 days after it was sunk by a giant whale, Hemsworth had to shed a ton of fat and muscle. A totally uncharted look for the man most known for his Thor-like physique.

Recently, Hemsworth displayed just how extreme he went to play the role, tweeting this picture of his scrawny frame by the conclusion of the shoot. Hard to believe such a physical transformation can be possible in a brief period of time, but for a dedicated pro like Chris, it’s all part of the job.