One year ago, Eddie Hall accomplished his dream of capturing the title of World’s Strongest Man. But the 6’3” 30-year-old knew that he had to make a major change to live a healthier life. The biggest issue was his weight. At his heaviest, Hall tipped the scale at 440 pounds and, if you peep the picture below, looked like a completely different (and rounder) person.  

Hall changed his diet and training routine to incorporate more HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), swimming, and higher rep training. He lost 60 pounds last time we wrote about him, which is an enormous feat for the former Strongman. But it seems like Hall isn’t slowing down and has lost another 10 pounds, making him look more beastly than ever.  

But Hall—at his core—is a competitor who won’t be happy sitting idle for too long. In the 2017 movie, Born Strong, he said, “Honestly, I’ll probably take up another sport, bodybuilding or boxing,” in front of his wife who breaks down, begging him to “just be normal.”

If it’s one thing Eddie Hall is not, it’s normal, and if the increasing number of boxing videos showing up on his Instagram is any indication, Hall’s 2017 prediction may be coming true. After all, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to think that Hall would try his hand at the “sweet science.” (He’s already had a go before.) As for what weight class he’d fight in, who knows? But one thing is for sure, we wouldn’t want to be to step foot in the same ring as “The Beast.”