There’s a good chance that we may never see Eddie Hall pull a truck on CBS Sports ever again—but that doesn’t mean “The Beast” isn’t crushing weights

After winning the 2017 World’s Strongest Man, Hall, in an interview with Sports360 in January 2018, was quick to dismiss the idea of a repeat, saying: “To go back and potentially come second or third would damage me. Why would I go back and risk that reputation? I’ve won it, let’s walk away at the top and live the legacy, be a legend.”

As the interview went on, however, Hall made it clear that his reputation wasn’t the only thing at risk.

“It was so stressful and I put a lot of pressure on my body to win the World’s Strongest Man,” Hall says. “I’m only 6’3″ and I achieved a body weight of 440 pounds. To put it blunt—if I stay at that weight for so long, I’m going to kill myself. That’s why I’ve had to step it down a peg and lose a bit of weight.”

Well, it’s been nine months since that interview and Hall has managed to shed about 60 pounds (or 26.5 kilograms), going from 430 pounds to a lean 373. To get there, he’s been logging five cardio sessions a week, “including boxing, cycling, swimming, and HIIT land training,” in addition to the four 2-3-hour-long weightlifting sessions he crushes per week. And while he still lifts heavy-as-hell (see video below), Hall seems to have adopted a bodybuilding-style training philosophy, focusing more on time-under-tension (TUT), and muscular contractions. 

We’re happy to see “The Beast” healthier and happier at a lower weight—and we’re pumped to see what he morphs into with this new approach to training. 

The Mountain from Game of Thrones.

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