In case you weren’t fortunate enough to attend The Arnold this past weekend in Columbus, OH, you missed out on some truly amazing feats of strength, and perhaps no feat was more impressive than this monumental deadlift from Strongman Jerry Pritchett.

Keep in mind, this was not your standard deadlift, but rather an Elephant Bar deadlift, where the bar spans 9 feet in length, allowing one to stack a truckload of heavy-ass plates to each side, as demonstrated by Pritchett’s epic 1,031lb lift. 

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Pritchett’s longbar deadlift was not the only world record to be shattered at the 2017 Arnold Classic. Three other herculean efforts elicited new world records as well including: Hafthor Bjornsson’s 100lb sandbag toss over a 15-foot bar, Blaine Sumner’s single ply world record squat of 1,113lbs, and Ray Williams raw world record squat of 1,053lbs.