Lou Ferrigno Comes To The Aid of A Man Having A Seizure at A Comic Book Convention

The 'Incredible Hulk' star became a hero in real life with his efforts to rescue a fan in need of medical attention.

Lou Ferrigno
Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor / Getty Images

Lou Ferrigno may be best known for playing a character with a quick temper, but it was his quick thinking in real life that came to the rescue of a man during a life-threatening emergency.

The incident took place at the FanBoy Expo in Knoxville, TN, this past weekend, at which a man in attendance suffered a seizure in front of the Incredible Hulk star while visiting his booth.

The father of the man who suffered the seizure—Frank McAlister, a U.S. Air Force veteran from Philadelphia, TN—shared the details on his Facebook page, explaining that his son, Ted (pictured below), experienced the seizure while speaking to Ferrigno at the event.

“Mr. Ferrigno touched me on the shoulder and said that Ted was trying to tell him something that he couldn’t understand,” said the elder McAlister. “I turned and knew immediately that Ted was having a seizure and I told Mr. Ferrigno what the problem was and I needed to get to him.” McAlister went on to detail how the 65-year-old action hero quickly sprang into action by clearing the area and calling for medics.

Shortly after the medical team attended to him, Ted made a full recovery and was invited back to Ferrigno's booth for another chance to spend some time with the hulking man who saved the day.

"Talk about a real life Action Hero!" McAlister's Facebook post reads. "This man is the real deal. It was an absolute honor to shake his hand and a greater honor to say thank you to a gentle giant."

You see what happens when you catch Ferrigno in a good mood: The skin stays tan, the clothes stay intact, and everyone feels safe and at ease.