Hitting the gym on a consistent basis isn’t an easy commitment, but making it to the gym is only the first part. Once you’re at the gym, you have to overcome your lack of energy that was most likely drained from work or school. On top of that, you’re still recovering from that chest workout that just kicked your ass the day before. As a result, you may need a bit of surge to get you over the hump, and this playlist will do exactly that.

This hip-hop playlist will help you power through your toughest workout. Filled with more than eight-hours of intense bass and drum heavy anthems from your favorite artist, this playlist will give your workout a solid change of pace. On this list you’ll find everyone from Drake, 21 Savage, Meek Mill, and others—with a few lesser known artists and throwback songs mixed in as well.

Give the playlist a follow if you need something extra for your next workout, or if you’re just a hip-hop fan.


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