It’s no easy feat to compete in the Arnold Strongman Classic, let alone come out as the champion, but that’s exactly what Icelandic Strongman Hafthor Bjornsson intends to accomplish at this year’s Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus, OH. It won’t be easy however, as The Mountain will be going up against perennial top finishers, Brian Shaw and Žydrūnas Savickas. Still, Bjornsson is determined to be stronger than ever at this year’s competition. 

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At 195.5kg, (431 lbs.) he’ll also be coming in at his heaviest weight in 5 years. “Feels like I’m going to hit 200kg soon,” says Bjornsson at a recent weigh-in presented on the Instagram post below.

Will the excess weight give The Mountain the added strength needed to land a top spot at the event? We’ll soon find out, but if this carry of “heavy ass weight” is any indication, chances are good Thor will finally earn a place on the platform at the 2017 Arnold Strongman Classic.  

And while Bjornsson has yet to make the podium of the contest in the five years he’s competed, he’s confident he’ll put in his best showing to date at the classic event. “This year, I’m more dedicated than ever before,” the Icelandic Strongman said. Judging from the man’s size, strength and determination, it’s looking more likely that Hafthor Bjornsson will soon get to the top of that mountain.