Ray Williams Sets New World Record With 938-Pound Squat

The strongman gave one hell of an effort and joined the 1000 kg club.

Ray williams squat WR

When Ray Williams burst onto the powerlifting scene, he said his goal was to squat 1000 pounds. After last weekend, he's just 62 pounds away from his goal.

Williams was on fire at the 2015 IPF World Championship in Salo, nailing a 425.5 kg (938 pounds) squat and breaking Don Reinhold's old record of 934 pounds. After the effort, William posted this message on his Instagram account:

Check out the footage:

This isn't the first time the Alabaman has shattered squat records. While at Alabama State, he smashed the American USAPL squat record in only his second powerlifting meet. USA Powerlifting posted this message about the amazing effort on its Instagram account to confirm the record:

USA powerlifting also confirmed on Instagram that as well as the 938-pound squat, Williams posted a 1000.5 kg/2206 lb total, which is also a new world record.

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