Reebok Thanks Personal Trainers

The brand's #TrainerTribute campaign celebrates those who keep us fit.

Reebok has launched a content series to thank the people who inspire so many to push their limits and make serious gains--personal trainers.

The #TrainerTribute campaign celebrates professional fitness instructors who train their students to reach heights that they never thought they could.

Reebok feels that personal trainers are just as valuable as doctors in ensuring the health of their clients. Without trainers, Reebok argues, many people would not be motivated to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Steve Robaire, Director of Instructor Engagement at Reebok, said, “We want to show trainers how much we appreciate them, and we recognize that their contribution to society is much bigger than they are credited for. Fitness educators support us physically, mentally and socially and ought to be viewed in the same way that doctors, nurses and teachers are."

The #TrainerTribute series features films focusing on different fitness disciplines such as combat-style training, CrossFit and Studio.

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Jen Widerstrom, Reebok Trainer, said, “The way that we believe in the people we train is the same way that Reebok believes in us as instructors. They celebrate our strengths, they inspire belief in ourselves and they celebrate our passion. Just as we are there as coaches for our communities, Reebok is there for us.”

Reebok is partnering with Handstand, an app that helps people find local personal fitness trainers, which is currently live in Los Angeles and New York City. The app makes it easy and affordable for users to find the best trainers in their area, and it allows instructors to earn a greater portion of the class fees than they would working at a fitness studio.

All instructors that sign up with Handstand will now become a part of ReebokONE, a global network of trainers that allows members priority access and discounts on new Reebok merchandise.

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