By now, we know that lifting weights and working out in the gym are very important to The Rock. D’oh! Bit of an understatement, I know, but Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram on Monday night to give an insight on how the gym is not only about building muscle and strength, but also boosting overall physical and mental well-being. In the video, he says the following:

“Alright, just worked a 12-hour day, well a 13-hour day, but who’s counting. Empty gym, the iron paradise, this is my therapy. I encourage everybody out there to find your therapy. Plus, this sh** is cheaper than a shrink!” Check it out:

Our very own editor-in-chief, Shawn Perine, who knows a thing or two about working out himself, was one of the first to let The Rock know he was on the money, saying:

So the message today is, as The Rock advises, to find your therapy, find what works for you (and if it is working out, all the better!!), and go get it done.