The Rock Ends 2014 Working Hard in the Gym

Dwayne Johnson is finishing strong and getting after his goals. Are you doing the same?

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson

One mantra often quoted by The Rock is the goal to always strive to be the hardest working guy in the room. Looks like he is practicing what he preaches again this New Year’s Eve. While most of us might be trying to wrap things up to get away and celebrate the arrival of 2015, Dwayne Johnson is down at the gym clanging and banging.

The Hercules star posted this motivational message on Instagram with the photo below: “Savin' our most grueling trainin' day for the last day of 2014... #HardestWorkerInTheRoom #DirtyAndLean #SweatinAndMean #TippinScalesAt255lbs #HurryUpAndTakeThePic #BoutToPassTheFuckOut #2014 #FinishStrong #2015 #HereWeCome #GettinAfterOurGoals #LetsGetToWork.”

So as we herald the arrival of 2015, let's channel The Rock's counsel and get after our goals, inside and outside the gym. Happy New Year to all M&Fers around the world. More power to you all - now get your ass to the gym and get to work!

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P.S. - Check out how The Rock warmed up for a workout earlier this week:

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