Here at M&F we love to share inspiring stories of those who turned their lives around by making a dramatic shift towards a more fit and healthy way of life. And, of course, seeing the amazing body transformation that comes with it. Our most current discovery, and perhaps most impressive, is twenty-eight-year-old Sebastian David from Burnley, U.K.

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Previously referred to as ‘Keith Lard’ by his longtime buddies, David has struggled with excess weight due to his poor eating and drinking habits brought upon by family stress. Downing about 5,000 calories a day on fast food and six pints of lager on a Friday night were the main culprits of his physical demise. With a $200 a week budget on all the garbage, it’s no wonder David ballooned up to an unattractive and unhealthy weight.

Finally having had enough, the Burnley man made the commitment to make a life-altering change by shedding the fat and getting in shape. Undergoing a strict fitness regimen and healthy eating plan, he was able to achieve a stunning, total-body transformation and turn his life around. Today, the lean and chiseled, 147-pound man once called ‘Lard’ is now working as a male model as is currently hoping to achieve a top-three finish at his second bodybuilding event in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in May.

Check out the incredible transformation and words of inspiration in Sebastian David’s before-and-after Instagram post.

Here is another photo that shows how far David has come: