After an impressive come-from-behind rally in the last event of the Arnold Strongman Classic to win the entire contest, MHP’s Brian Shaw wasted no time in turning his focus to the Arnold Australia Strongman Classic just a week later in Melbourne. It was in Australia where Brian Shaw would claim back-to-back Arnold Strongman titles.

Things didn’t start out the way Shaw wanted at the Classic in Ohio. The first day events were the Log Lift and the Timber Carry, where he finished fourth place in both. But on day two, the big man cranked out back-to-back first place finishes in the Hummer Tire Deadlift (with a massive 1,117 lbs.) and Bale Tote Yoke (carrying the 1,500 lb. apparatus over the course in 27.57 seconds). In the final event, the Cyr Dumbbell press, Shaw cranked out 6 reps with the 274 lb. dumbbell to overtake the lead and win the coveted Louis Cyr trophy by a mere point.

After just one day’s rest, Brian was on his way to Melbourne for the inaugural Arnold Australia Strongman Classic. Facing a strong field of competitors, the 6’8”, 440-pounder proved that he was a force to be reckoned with. He placed second in the deadlift, but won the Car Walk in a blazing 17.61 seconds and pumped out 8 reps with the 198 lb. Circus Dumbbell. On the second day, Brian had to put everything into the final event – the Atlas Stones, where he is among the world’s best competitors – to win with 4 stones in 19 seconds.

Here again, the overall title was decided in the last event, and Shaw came back to the U.S. with a historic two Arnold Classic Strongman titles in the space of 9 days across 2 continents! The two Arnold victories over many of the world’s best strongmen make Shaw an odds on favorite to win his third World’s Strongest Man title in April.