Leon Edwards is the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion and is in hard training for his next title defence at UFC 304 in July, but in a rare insight into a fighter’s day off, “Rocky” reveals that he loves nothing more than to spend time clothes shopping with his young son Jayden, and he feels that a lot of the other fighters in his division need a style upgrade.

Edwards is no Cowboy Cerrone when it comes to flamboyant getup. The 32-year-old star from Kingston, Jamaica, now living in Birmingham, England, reveals that Sundays are typically his only days off and given the choice he likes to go shopping and spend time with his boy, Jayden. But, when it comes to fashion faux pas, Edwards avoids epic fails by keeping it simple and mostly sticking to black garments. “I feel like they all, like, dress weird, the Americans,” jokes the welterweight champ of his fellow fighters. “Just, very different, so I feel like definitely, 100% (I have better style).” Edwards’ revelations were captured during an episode of UFC Day Off, hosted by the famous gamer and YouTuber, Elz The Witch.

In the video, the champ says that he gives his fashion flowers to Conor McGregor. “Conor dresses, but he’s had more suits and stuff. There’s a few people that dress decent, but most of the times, they’re kinda like, hillbilly American looking,” he says. When pressed to rate his peers, here was the Jamaican’s judgement:

Kamaru Usman

”I wouldn’t wear it,” Edwards says of Usman’s leopard print look, giving it 5 out of 10. “Well, fair play.”

Belal Muhammad

Not surprisingly, since Muhammed will challenge the champ at UFC 304 in Manchester, England, Edwards gave his upcoming opponent 1 out of 10, taking issue with the fit of his suit. “Look at it, it’s all baggy,” he exclaimed. “It doesn’t match the blazer. There’s a lot going on.”

Michael Venom Page

Liking Page’s knitted vest look, Edwards finds his fashion friend here. “See, I’ll probably go 8, yeah, 7,8,” out of 10, he says.

Shavkat Rakhmonov

“Nice suit.” 7 out of 10. “There’s not much fashion that goes into a normal suit like that.”

Colby Covington

“I don’t know what he’s meant to be, like an old time American guy,” he says of Covington’s UFC 296 press conference appearance. “Zero if I could give him zero.”

Of course, this was all a bit of fun, but fashion will turn to fists when Edwards meets his old foe Belal Muhammad in Manchester, England, on July 27, 2024. “It’s the rematch,” he told Elz the Witch. “We fought 2 years ago and it ended in an eye poke (where Edwards was unable to continue). So, I feel like there’s unfinished business. So, I’ll go out there focussed and get the job done.”

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