Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you know the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight is officially on. The months of banter and hype have come to fruition as the two champions of their respective sport will finally clash in the ring August 26 at T-Mobile Arena. 

While the pundits, pros, and everyday Joes all have their opinions on what we can expect once these brash fighters step into the ring, the fascination with this pairing continues to grow. And this video by YouTuber Mike Fight Promo only serves to escalate the anticipation. With a mix of fighting montages and profanity-laced quotes, it’s the perfect formula to get even more pumped for the summer’s super-hyped clash. 

Check out all the bravado below. 

The title of the clip, “180 Million Dollar Dance,” is in reference to a comment McGregor made almost two years ago when appearing on Conan. When asked about a potential fight with Mayweather, “The Notorious” responded with a question of his own, “Who wouldn’t like to dance around the ring for $180 million?” 

Like him or not, you’ve got to admit McGregor is no dummy—same goes for Mayweather. History has shown that these men know how to market themselves, and this latest cross-sport venture is guaranteed to land both fighters millions no matter the outcome. According to an ESPN estimate, upwards of  $600 million will be made when it’s all said and done.

“I’m gonna stop Floyd. You’re all gonna eat your words. The whole world is gonna eat their words,” McGregor can be heard saying in the video. 

One way or another, we’re all about to find out what’s on the menu.