WATCH: First Trailer for Marvel's Next Netflix Series, 'The Punisher,' Revealed

The teaser literally hammers home a message that is both dark and daunting.

WATCH: First Trailer for Marvel's Next Nefflix Series 'The Punisher'
Jessica Miglio/Netflix

If you didn't stick around through the last episode's credits for the Marvel Netflix series The Defenders, chances are you missed out on the stealthy presentation of the trailer for Marvel’s next Netflix seriesThe Punisher.

Not to worry, we've got the official trailer here to get you pumped for the much-anticipated upcoming show.

From the get-go it's evident that the show's anti-hero, Frank Castle, is one pissed-off dude looking to settle a few scores. With the aid of a hefty sledgehammer, The Punisher gets his message across loud and clear. 

“Memories, they never hurt me,” says Castle, over a montage of scenes of his murdered family and time in the military. “The past is more than memories, it’s the devil you sold your soul to. He’s coming. He’s coming to collect.”

Check out all the damage inflicted in this dark teaser for The Punisher

Fans of the Daredevil series will recognize Castle (Jon Bernthal), who was introduced in the second season. Motivated by the death of his family, Castle is more than willing to knock off a host of unsavory characters who played a part in their murder.

No bad guy is safe from The Punisher's wrath, especially members of Hell’s Kitchen’s crime mobs, the Hand, and the villain known as the Blacksmith.

Along with Bernthal's lead role, Ben Barnes will co-star as Castle’s best friend, Billy Russo, from his days in the army, and Deborah Ann Woll will be reprising her role as Karen Page.

No official word from Netflix on the release date, but look for The Punisher to hit the airwaves sometime later in 2017.