Watch: Man Breaks World Record for Most Nuts Cracked by Hand

Martial arts master Prabhakar Reddy crushed the nutty record with a single hand.

Since the folks at Guinness started documenting world records back in 1955, people around the globe have been looking for new ways to earn their place in the book. While some record-breaking endeavors seem logical, others are just downright bizarre.

Take this recent attempt from India's Prabhakar Reddy, for example. The 35-year-old martial arts master was determined to crush the record for most walnuts cracked by hand in one minute. It was no easy feat, since the current record stood at 210, set by Pakistan’s serial record-breaker Muhammad Rashid.

But this was a mark begging to be broken, and Reddy was just the man to do it. The rules are simple: Using just one hand (which can be gloved), the shells must be smashed into at least two pieces for it to count toward the final tally. The clock begins when the first walnut is cracked.

As seen in the record-breaking clip above, Reddy was a man on a mission, shelling three nuts per second to ultimately bypass the old record by two, for a grand total of 212 cracked walnuts.

Before you start lining up rows of nuts for your own world record attempt, keep in mind that the new title-holder admitted to practicing every day. Not only can it take a toll on your hand, but on your wallet as well.

Still, for some, the possibility of landing their name in The Guinness Book of World Records is totally worth it. Just imagine how many drink cans this guy had to crush during his training for the following world record attempt:

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