Watch: Mark Wahlberg Posts Video of His Intense Full-body Workout

The jacked actor shares a montage clip of his training session while promoting 'Wahlburgers'.

WATCH: Mark Wahlberg Sweating Through an Intense Full-Body Workout

With so many show business projects in the works, Mark Wahlberg is one busy guy. But the muscular leading man still finds time to regularly get in a good workout. 

In this recent Instagram clip, Wahlberg cleverly finds a way to both hit the weights and promote his A&E reality show at the same time. Check out his intense workout, as he talks up the final two episodes of Wahlburgers

Saving the best for last. Don't miss this season's last two #Wahlburgers episodes on Wednesday 9pm/8c on A&E.

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It's that type of training session at the gym that enables the Boston native to sport massive guns like this. 

First day of training for MILE 22. @pberg44 @performinspired

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