Sign that man up! 

Dana White has seen his share of brutal knockouts, but this stunning kick from Julian Marquez during an installment of the Contender Series may be the most vicious you’ll see—and that’s according to UFC president himself.

In the second round of his middleweight fight against Phil Hawes, Marquez landed a barrage of punches that sent Hawes staggering to the edge of the Octagon. Marquez then unloaded a precise headkick that instantly sent Hawes to the canvas, knocking him out cold.

Check out White’s reaction to the head-smashing kick that sealed the win for Marquez and earned him an immediate UFC contract.


A man on a mission. Marquez entered the evening on a four-fight win streak with his last three fights all ending by knockout or TKO. And if this fight is any indication, look for the hard-hitting middleweight to add a few more KOs to his resume in spectacular fashion. 

As for his thoughts on the fantastic finish that brought the UFC president out of his seat? “I didn’t fight for Dana White—I fought for myself,” Marquez said after the fight. So much for kissing up to the boss.

Here’s the full post-fight interview: