Watch: WWE's Braun Strowman Stars in Hilarious Parody of 'Elf'

The WWE superstar is 'The Elf Among Men' in this take on the holiday classic.

Braun Strowman as Elf
YouTube / WWE

What's funnier than stuffing 6'3" actor Will Ferrell into a form-fitting elf suit? Stuffing the 6'8", 385-lb WWE superstar Braun Strowman into the same garb.

So when the good folks at WWE were in the process of putting together this side-splitting spoof of the 2003 Christmas hit Elf, they found the perfect leading man. Titled Braun Strowman is The Elf Among Men: A WWE Christmas movie parody, it's a hilarious rendition of the movie that would have fans of the original film applauding.

The sight of the massive WWE superstar in elf tights is funny enough on its own. Throw in the scene where things quickly get heated between Strowman and Drew Gulak—who does a fine job recreating Peter Dinklage‘s character from the original Elf—and you've got comedy gold.

But as you’ll see in the video below, Strowman's portrayal of the oblivious, happy-go-lucky elf has a somewhat shorter fuse than Ferrell's jovial character.

Of course, it wouldn't be a WWE take on a holiday classic without some type of brutal physical confrontation. Even the innocent Jack-in-the-box wasn't safe after scaring the overgrown elf.