WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Gets Stitched Up After Leap from the Top Rope

His battle with Bray Wyatt on 'Monday Night Raw' did some serious damage to his face.

Seth Rollins Jump Out Of Ring
Suzanne Cordeiro / Contributor / Getty Images

Just hours after officially being named the cover star for WWE 2K18, Seth Rollins found himself with a giant needle sticking into his face.

It turns out that Rollins' attempt to inflict damage to his rival Bray Wyatt backfired, as it was "The Architect" who came away worse for wear. The suicide dive on Monday night's episode of Raw resulted in a deep gash on Rollins' face that required stitches to close

WWE shared the graphic footage of the procedure to close the cut.

WARNING: Not for the squeamish. 

Prior to the gash-opening incident, Rollins appeared in the ring to share his thoughts on recently being named the cover athlete for WWE 2K18. During his inspirational speech, Rollins was rudely interrupted by Wyatt.

Not having any of it, the "King Slayer" leveled Wyatt with a suicide dive from the top rope, which thrilled the crowd, but also left Rollins with a deep cut on his cheek. Check out the dangerous move Rollins attempted to see how the injury most likely occurred. 

Clearly, there's no love lost between the two WWE superstars who have a bitter history. And this latest event only adds fuel to the fire of a rivalry that's been brewing for some time now. 

Although it has yet to be announced, the two WWE titans are on a collision course for what's sure to be an epic battle. It's just a matter of time before this heated feud gets settled in the squared circle. Perhaps it will even take place as soon as next month at the Great Balls of Fire event.

Stay tuned for more stitches.