The IMPACT! Wrestling promotion made a welcome return to the United Kingdom for the first time in several years, delivering hard-hitting action to jam-packed venues up and down the British Isles, but on Oct. 29, things really got out of hand when Brian Myer’s was filmed shoving M&F contributing writer Scott Felstead some 15-feet across the concrete floor at ringside.

The atmosphere at the HMV Empire in Coventry took a turn for the worse when Brian Myers and his tag-team partner, Moose, made their way to the ring. Upset that fans were choosing to boo them in favor of their opponents (Joe Hendry and Grado), the heels decided to talk trash outside of the ring, directing a heavy dose of verbal abuse at those who dared to jeer them.

Wrestler Brian Myers next to wrestler moose

Among those fans was Felstead, who took offense to Myers and stood-up, telling him to leave everyone alone. This, of course, only enraged Myers all the more, and so he focused the rest of his verbiage solely to Felstead, who refused to back down—perhaps from confidence gained from his own strongman training. Sadly, our man then made a monumental mistake when he decided to poke Myers’ chest. “Hey, you don’t touch him!” exclaimed Moose (real name: Quinn Ojinnaka), enraged by what he had seen.

With his pride at stake, Myers then decided to do the unthinkable, drawing back with both of his hands and propelling them forward to make an almighty push toward Felstead’s own chest. Caught by surprise at this act of aggression, Felstead was launched some 15-feet away from the ringside area, finally coming to a halt at the feet of some seriously shocked security guards. It was an unfortunate moment that might have led to a litany of lawsuits… had it not been a carefully planned segment in the show.

As the crowd reacted loudly with disgust at Myer’s reprehensible actions, they were being fully immersed into the world of professional wrestling, where anything can happen… and usually does. “I popped,” said IMPACT! Wrestling president, Scott D’Amore after seeing the altercation play out. Only he, and a select few people had been let in on the secret and so the security guards, ring announcers and referees’ had no idea what was about to unfold, in order to keep their reactions genuine. “I’d like to thank the incredibly talented performers at IMPACT! Wrestling for letting me be part of the action,” said Felstead of the experience.

Muscle and fitness contributing writer being escorted out after wrestler Brian Myers knocks him out
scott falstead

It should be pointed out that he is a retired pro wrestler with many years of experience in his own right, and so copying any of the moves is a seriously bad idea without the proper training. But, if you are eager to learn the ropes for yourself, look out for our in-depth training story with the team at IMPACT! Wrestling, coming soon.