Whether you’re a hardcore metal headbanger or a fan of quick-spittin’ rap, there’s nothing quite like listening to some of your favorite tunes while working out. But music can also be distracting at times.

How often have you seen someone hogging a bench press station while curating their playlist for what seems like forever? You don’t want to be that guy.

Then there are times when you’re mid-run and you desperately want to hit “skip” on a track you really don’t like, but don’t want to break your stride.

Still, you want to listen to something so you can tune out the sounds of the world around you. What to do?

A good alternative is a podcast, and odds are there’s already one you listen to while working out or just doing your daily chores. Advertisers spent more than $700 million on podcasts in 2019, according to a recent Forbes article, and that number is only expected to grow.

In other words, if you don’t listen to a podcast yet, it’s probably only a matter of time until you do. Hell, you probably have a high school classmate who’s started one out of his garage (you just don’t have the heart to tell him it sucks).

Of course, just about everyone’s heard about the world’s No. 1 podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience. The comedian and UFC commentator boasts 190 million monthly downloads and in 2019 made $30 million off his show, which features an eclectic array of guests ranging from presidential candidates to Strongman competitors.

We like Rogan, but there are literally thousands of other options to choose from.

We’ve compiled a list of shows that can help you catch up on the news, learn a new skill, or just provide you with an entertaining story to help you pass the time during your next training session.


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