You’re already tough, but are you military tough?

In our military issue, we pay homage to the bravery, dedication, and heroism of all the men and women in the armed forces. Silver Star recipient, U.S. Marine, and former UFC fighter Brian Stann gave us the story behind his decorated military career. We tell you how he trains, what fuels his body, and where he gets his motivation.

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Get ready for fall with great features like our adventure race training guide. We’ve got a four-week training program that will help you overcome any obstacle in your path. And if you want to get big—and we mean big—then our high-volume, eight-week muscle mass program is just your ticket.

Plus, the legendary Frank Zane, the smoking hot Ali Lee, and UFC star Rory McDonald’s workout. As always, when it comes to the best in training and nutrition, we’ve got your 6.

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