For some, the thought of group fitness conjures visions of jazzercise and Zumba. But these days, group fitness isn’t what it used to be, and there may be no better proof than F45 Training. Short for Functional 45, the Australia-born team fitness franchise centers its workouts on circuit-style strength training and HIIT workouts that would have even the fittest athlete dripping sweat by the halfway mark of any given 45-minute routine

To find out how the training method caters to everyone, we tapped Pete Pisani, F45’s Global Performance Director.

What goes into programming workouts for F45?

We noticed a major flaw in most group fitness studios—a lack of true strength training—and worked to address it. Functional movement combined with strength training and high-intensity cardio sessions keeps members looking and feeling their best. 

How do trainers ensure that F45 workouts are adaptable to every client’s fitness level?

They are designed to encourage members to push their limits, keeping in mind that everyone has different goals and abilities. Everything we do in our studios is scalable, with regressions and progressions to ensure that the degree of difficulty matches the skill level of the member. 

What can total newbies expect from an F45 workout?

If you’re new to fitness and F45, expect a smile and warm welcome from a certified trainer right when you walk through the doors. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for everyone. All sessions are also time-based, so it’s up to our clients to move as fast or slow as they choose during a designated work period.
What goals can F45 help people reach? 

Our primary focus is on the everyday person who has 45 minutes to spare and wants to invest those minutes back into his or her own health. Our emphasis on functional movement, plyometrics, and high-intensity interval training also makes F45 an ideal program for building athletic endurance and fast-twitch muscle fibers. 

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