Adidas launches the latest version of its Adizero running footwear range with the announcement of the Adios Pro 3 dropping on the US June 23. It’s a shoe that has been developed in collaboration with the world’s fastest road runners to build a durable, long-distance sneaker that aims to make this third-generation footwear the best iteration yet. So, Muscle & Fitness took a deep dive into the Adidas Pro 3 to find out what makes them better than the previous versions, and to see if there are any serious alternatives on the market right now.

What is the Adidas Pro Range?

The original Adizero Adios Pro’s made headlines in 2020 when Peres Jepchirchir wore the sneakers to break a half marathon world record. The range was conceived to aid runners who were searching to take their performances to the next level and chase records. The Pros were Adidas’s first carbon fiber running shoe, and were given an overhaul in launching the Pro 2’s. Those second-generation shoes introduced athletes to a more compact fibre plate in the heel and the flagship carbon-infused “Energyrods,” positioned in the midsole. With weight being a significant consideration for runners, the Pro 2’s came in at 7.5 ounces whereas the original Pro’s weighed-in at 8.3 ounces. The Pro family of shoes received the most wins in world major marathon events in 2021.

Adidas Pro 3 running sneakers and sole
Courtesy of Adidas

So, what’s new in the Adidas Pro 3?

While the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3s weigh 7.6 ounces, the dual-density “Lightstrike Pro” midsole provides excellent energy return, compensating for the marginally heavier load. The updated carbon-fibre Energyrods 2.0 are no longer separate and operate as one unit, preventing the rods from working against each other.

Thought has gone into making the Adidas Pro 3 more comfortable too, and the heel collar provides a secure grip so that the shoes don’t shift around while you do your thing. The Lightstrike Pro foam aims to provide a bouncier experience and impressively, the Adidas Pro 3 is also more environmentally friendly. Manufactured in part using recycled materials, Adidas say they their mission is to phase out the use of virgin polyester to help end plastic waste.

“It’s an honor to lace-up and train in the newest Adizero shoe,” says Amanal Petros, who is an Adidas athlete and record shattering marathon runner from Germany. “We’re privileged to know first-hand how effective the Adizero can be when it comes to time and performance, so it’s been exciting to

try the Adizero Adios Pro 3. I’ve really felt the speed, and the traction of this model. I’m hoping that I can continue to push my performance levels as I continue to train and race in the Adizero Adios Pro 3.”

How does the Pro 3 compete with other running shoes?

There are a plenty of carbon fiber sneakers on the market these days, with brands such as Asics clocking-in great results with its “Metaspeed Sky” range (check out our interview with Beth Potter). Nike’s “Air Zoom Alphafly” are also at the top of the pack when it comes to performance, but given the success that athletes are having with the Pro’s, and their attractive $220 price-point, these bad boys might be leading the need for speed.

The Adidas Adizero Pro 3’s will be available from June 23, featuring a flashy Core Black/Yellow colorway.