In April, Scotland’s Beth Potter ran 5km in an incredible 14 minutes and 41 seconds, setting an unofficial record that knocked two seconds off Beatrice Chepkoech’s existing benchmark.

This runner-turned-triathlon star, now 29, is currently enjoying great success, but has also learned to deal with the highs and lows that a career in elite sports can bring, such as the constant threat of mental stress and physical injury.

The competitive runner and 2019 European Triathlon Championships gold medalist shares with M&F a detailed guide to use in your own running regimen to set your own PRs. So, whether you are looking to lace up for the first time, or make strides to better your existing runs, take note of Potter’s running tips.

The gliding Glaswegian believes that running is a useful exercise for any athlete. “I got into running through swimming,” Potter says. But she is keen to point out that safety is key. “Running is a good addition, but you just need to be careful because it is quite high impact. To avoid injury, don’t ramp it up too quickly.”


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