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Study says lifting weights for just 3 seconds can help build muscle

Strong muscular man measuring his bicep growth using a measuring tape
Vladimir Gappov

A new study appears to show that the old excuse of not having time to workout may soon be a thing of the past. Apparently, it takes just one rep under maximum effort, for a total of three seconds, repeated five days per week, to make to gains in muscle mass. In fact, researchers found that subjects’ bicep strength went up by as much as 12 percent in four weeks during the experiment.

The benefits of a single maximal muscle contraction meant that participants didn’t suffer from the dreaded DOMS and were far more able to find the time to commit to the routine. These results are based on 39 students who were deemed unfit, each were required to undertake just 1 bicep curl to complete their muscle building activity for the day. The findings are encouraging and build on previous studies that suggest a single, max effort, muscle contraction is enough to force changes in muscle mass and strength. More work will now be done to see if this process has the same positive effect on other muscle groups as it did on the students’ biceps. But right now, it is unknown as to what effect this training would have on regular gym goers, and elite athletes… so don’t cancel the gym subscription just yet!

Anthony Joshua eyes May for championship boxing rematch with Oleksandr Usyk

Former WBA, IBF and WBO boxing champion Anthony Joshua will get his long-awaited shot at regaining the gold in May, according to recent comments from fight promoter Eddie Hearn. Britain’s AJ lost the titles to the Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk back is September, and now faces the most important match of his career.

Joshua, now 32, does have form as relates to big championship rematches. He previously lost the belts in a shock defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr in 2019, but avenged that upset just six months later. Still, boxing pundits believe that a rematch with 35-year-old Usyk presents AJ’s biggest challenge to date. Talking to the BBC 5 Live Boxing Podcast, Hearn commented that they’d had offers to host the big rematch in the USA and the Middle East, but it is the UK is where he expects the showdown to take place. “May is when you’ll see that fight,” stated Hearn.

Tamara Walcott squats 635 pounds in an insane unofficial world record

Tamara Walcott, the 37-year-old “Plus Size Fitness Queen,” who hails from the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix, made a winning deadlift of 636 pounds back in September to take the world record for heaviest raw deadlift. Now, she has her sights set on breaking further records at the WRPF Ghost Clash in Miami, FL, taking place this weekend. To claim the world record for a squat, Walcott will need to beat the current record of 619.9 pounds, held by April Mathis. But, if a recent social media post is anything to by, the Queen’s is more than ready to take her new crown. In a recent video, Walcott is seen squatting an unofficial world record that weighs-in at an incredible 636 pounds.

Taking to Instagram, Walcott wrote: “635lbs Mind over Matter, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be! 635 felt snug!!! I’ve had the weight of the world on my shoulders all my life!!! I been through some sh*t most could not endure… ARNT diamonds made by way of pressure!!!! This still feels uncomfortable, but thats where I want to live in uncomfortable state to remain growing!!! A QUEEN SURROUNDED BY HER KINGS!

M&F recently sat down with Walcott, who is also an inspirational mother and food addiction survivor, to talk about her recent successes and her love of powerlifting. Look out for the full story coming soon.