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9-year-old Rory Van Ulft Deadlifts 3 Times Her Bodyweight

Ottawa born Rory Van Ulft has dreams of competing in the Olympics and with lifts like this, she seems set for greatness. Ulft is already the reigning US Youth National Weightlifting Champion in the under 13 division (30 kilograms) and is currently in her second year with the title. In 2021, Ulft set national records in the snatch and clean and jerk. Now, the 9-year-old has blown observers away by deadlifting 100 kilograms (220.5 pounds), that’s 3.2x her own bodyweight.

Weighing in at just 66 pounds, Ulft used a sumo stance and straps, but no lifting belt, to pull the bar skyward and lockout the bar, leading to a personal best and a lift that has wowed her followers.

19-year-old Liam Newell Breaks American Deadlift Record

Penn State University’s Liam Newell only competed in his first sanctioned powerlifting competition in January of 2021, but after taking first place in that event, he then went on to win his second contest before jumping up to the 90-kilogram category for the 2022 USAPL Collegiate Nationals. It was during this meet that he deadlifted 352.5 kilograms (777 pounds) to claim a new American record.

Placing fourth overall, Newell was the first person in more than 10-years to break a deadlifting record in the 90-kilogram category. Incredibly, the 352.5-kilogram lift is also an unofficial world record, for his age and weight class.

20-year-old Tiffany Chapon Surpasses World Raw Squat Record

Another trail blazing youngster, that all eyes are on, is French powerlifter Tiffany Chapon who’s unofficially surpassed another world record at just 20 years of age. In the 47-kilogram category, Chapon pulled off an incredible squat during training, lifting 165 kilograms (363.8 pounds) to score the unofficial U47 All-time world record. The lift was made with just a lifting belt, wrist wraps, and knee sleeves, making it raw. The achievement is an astonishing 10 kilograms heavier than the existing record, which she set at the recent FFForce French Nationals.

Considering that Chapon only made her competition debut in December of 2020, she has made an impact in the world of lifting. The young sensation has taken part in 8 sanctioned competitions to date, wining 6 of them, and is a current World, European, and French National champion.

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