For many athletes, the start of a new season is a chance to warmup and figure out just where their bodies are at, but for runner Josh Kerr, it marks the opportunity to blaze a trail and set new standards for the year ahead. At the Armory in New York, the venue for a plethora of historic record-crushing performances, the Scottish born middle distance runner dominated the 2024 Millrose Games and became king of the two-mile indoor race.

What Record did Josh Kerr Break at the 116th 2024 Millrose Games?

On Feb 11, 2024, the current 1500m world champion, Josh Kerr, broke fellow Brit Mo Farrah’s previous record time in the two-mile race by almost three seconds, completing his run in just 8 minutes and 0.67 seconds on Sunday, with Kerr’s second mile clocking in at an impressive 3 minutes and 57 seconds.

It wasn’t the only world record that fell at The 2024 Milrose Games as Devynne Charlton completed the 60m hurdles in 7.67 seconds too.


Incredibly, Kerr had announced that he would try to break Mo Farrah’s record ten weeks out form the race, and this is unusual since runners usually wait until closer to an event to see what kind of form they are in before grandstanding. After taking the world record, Kerr told reporters following the race that his pronouncement had been made in large part to build-up interest in the event, and he certainly did that, drawing a sizeable crowd while making good on his word. Just last week, Kerr talked exclusively to M&F and revealed his love of the Millrose Games because of the tracks’ proximity to the crowd and the history of the event. Speaking of his desire to start the season strong, he said; ““I love racing the big meets, just off the rip. The reason for it, is that I enjoy that pressure that comes with doing that.” Kerr certainly handled the pressure on Sunday, and now looks forward to further successes at the World Championships and at The Paris Olympics this Summer.