Texan Steve Kuclo is among the more popular bodybuilders competing today. Part of that is because he’s known for his combination of size and symmetry, which has propelled him to a few pro wins as well as Top 10 placings at the Olympia.

Another is that he’s also a firefighter who has played a role in making a difference and saving lives. On top of that, he’s appeared on Shark Tank with his wife, Amanda, and was once invited to the White House.

But let’s be clear: He’s best known for the muscle and the strength he showcases to his 290,000 Instagram followers. After checking out these posts, you’ll see why you shouldn’t sleep on him when he competes at the 2019 Mr. Olympia. Overlooking the Kingsnake can result in him moving up in the placings quickly.

Preacher curl

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