September 30, 2006 is a day that will live in bodybuilding lore forever. A capacity crowd at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas bore witness to history, but it was not the history many had expected. Ronnie Coleman, going for his record-breaking ninth Sandow trophy, instead lost to four-time runner-up Jay Cutler, and by a convincing margin by bodybuilding standards, 22 to 38 (lowest score wins). In fact, Cutler won all four rounds of the show.

Although Coleman was losing after yesterday’s prejudging, the champ did not go down without a fight. In arguably the best posing routine ever seen on an Olympia stage, Coleman had world-famous boxing announcer Bruce Buffer step out on stage to announce him – Ronnie then came down through the crowd to a raucous ovation. After ducking backstage, a few moments later he reappeared in a Moses costume, long white beard and all.

But in the end, a slightly better physique beat the better showman on this night, as Cutler’s extra 10 pounds of size and sharp improvements finally put him over the top.

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Here is the top 15:
1) Jay Cutler
2) Ronnie Coleman
3) Victor Martinez
4) Dexter Jackson
5) Melvin Anthony
6) Gustavo Badell
7) Toney Freeman
8) Markus Ruhl
9) Dennis James
10) Gunter Schlierkamp
11) Vince Taylor
12) Branch Warren
13) Johnnie Jackson
14) Darrem Charles
15) Troy Alves

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Men’s Individual Compulsories Gallery