Seven-time 212 Olympia champ Flex Lewis will make his debut on the Open Bodybuilding stage at this year’s Olympia, and legendary coach Neil Hill is certain it’ll be Lewis’ best physique yet.

Hill shared an update on the game plan for Lewis’ Olympia prep, revealing that Lewis is 12 pounds heavier and leaner than he’d typically be at this point in past preps. In just two weeks, Lewis’ “proper off season” starts, and by 14 weeks out he’ll be in full prep mode.

“At 14 weeks out from show day we start our Full Pre-Contest Prep where his body will become hyper responsive to start growing into the show,” Hill explained. “No more making weight limits, now it’s all about bringing some[thing] extraordinary to the stage.”

Lewis’ last show was the 2018 Olympia, where he retired from the 212 division after clinching one last win. After tons of fan speculation, he later announced that he wasn’t retiring altogether, just moving up to the Open division.

It’s a move many are excited about, since Lewis has always been restricted by the 212-pound weight limit. Bodybuilding fans all over the world can’t wait to see what Lewis brings to the stage after two years’ preparation and without weight restrictions.

“We are looking forward to bringing a new exciting look to Las Vegas & the 2020 @mrolympiallc contest,” Hill said in the post.

It’s a look we at M&F are excited to see come December, when the Olympia begins a new era at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. But will it be enough to earn Lewis the title of Mr. Olympia? Only time will tell.

Tickets to the Olympia, which is set for December 17-20, 2020, are on sale now at



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