Review and Results from the 2012 British Grand Prix

Shawn Rhoden and James Flex Lewis took the 2012 British Grand Prix Open and 212 respectively. Shawn Rhoden is on an unprecedented roll by winning 4 contests this year as well as placing third in the 2012 Mr Olympia. Johnnie Jackson had something to say about that by coming in better this year than in any contest to include the 2012 mr Olympia. Many critics thought Jackson should have placed over Rhoden, but if you took the time to properly analyze, the judges made the right call.

Same as at the Sheru Classic, Roelly Winklaar was compared in the first call outs but in the finals, he dropped down to a lower placing. Tony Freeman crept up to solid third followed by Robert Piotrkowicz. Arguably, Freeman and Piotrkowicz could have swapped places, and no one would have complained because Robert Piotrkowicz looked that good.

In the 212 Division, Eduardo Correa surprisingly dropped down to 4th place behind Sami Alhaddad and Jose Raymond. Sami last competed earlier this year at the 2012 New York Pro where he took second to Kevin English. So, Sami was well rested and gave Flex Lewis a run for his money, but Lewis prevailed by out muscling the aesthetic AlHaddad. Jose Raymond impressed me because not only has he maintained his shape, but seemed to have improved since competing in India.

The lovely Michelle Brannan took the Bikini Class contest followed by the gorgeous Noemi Olah.

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1. Shawn Rhoden
2. Johnnie Jackson
3. Toney Freeman
4. Robert Piotrkowicz
5. Ronny Rockel
6. Roelly Winklaar
7. Erik Fankhouser
8. Hidetada Yamagishi
9. Juri Leonov
10. Cecil Croasdale
11. Thomas Benagli
12. Alvin Small
13. Grigori Atoyan
15. Ari Kokkonen
16. Tommi Thorvildsen
16. Elvis Brown
16. Jaime Atienza

1. Flex Lewis
2. Sami Al-Haddad
3. Jose Raymond
4. Eduardo Correa
5. Masoom Butt
6. William Bonac
7. Khalid Almohsinawi
8. Fernando Noronha Almeida
9. James Llewelyn
10. Manuel Manchado
11. Shavis Higa
12. Guy Cisternino
13. Eduard Duque
14. John Armstrong
15. Oliver Adzievski
16. Marcus Becht
16. Mike Sheridan
16. Lee Powell
16. Hennie Kotze
16. Vincete Santamaria
16. Fauzi Hanst
16. Nana Ofosu-Manu

1. Michelle Brannan
2. Noemi Olah
3. Tanja Canc
4. Nikola Weiterova
5. Nicole Scott
6. Ronnie Blewitt




IFBB British Grand Prix 2012

IFBB British Grand Prix 2012