Women’s PBW Wrap-up Assessment

By Amanda Eva

Just as predicted, the PBW Tampa Pro did not let bodybuilding fans down by delivering one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year. The women competitors all brought their A game, with every single detail from their presentation, to hair, and makeup ready to showcase their amazing physiques.

In women’s bodybuilding, Sarah Hayes and Sheila Bleck battled for the top 2 spots in both prejudging and confirmation rounds. At the end Hayes edged Bleck for the 1st place win and an O qualification with her overall muscle fullness, symmetry and great conditioning, which was cleary much improved at the night show. Bleck did not walk away with just a 2nd place win but she also won Best Poser Award. Her routines are always impressive and great to watch!

Crowd favorite Debbie Bramwell announced her official retirement from the IFBB with this as the last show under her belt. We wish Debbie the very best in her future endeavors.

Melody Speckto appeared to be one of the most improved physiques up there with a 5th place finish right behind Kim Perez who snagged the 4th place spot. Janeen Lankowski surprised everyone with an outstanding and impressively conditioned physique and was rightfully rewarded a 3rd place finish.  

Women’ s physique will continue to be an exciting and growing division with 20 competitors in this line-up, all looking very polished and ready to battle for a top spot. One thing that was noticeable about the WPD winners at this show was that the more muscular and conditioned physiques were the preferred look for the judges. Nola Trimble fits that ideal perfectly well as she was the clear winner during both prejudging and confirmation rounds. This is Nola’s second back-to-back to win of the year and she is getting better and better at each show. Mikaila Soto appears to have finally found a balance with the way she likes to come in and what the judges reward, with a very well deserved 2nd place finish. Jennifer Robison finished 3rd and will be one to watch in future competitions.

In the figure line-up, Ann Titone was happy as ever with her very first win of the year. She looked amazing with a very tight upper body, great mid section with a tiny waist, and balanced and improved lower body, especially in the ham/glute area that had been problematic for her in the past. A surprise in figure was newcomer Mallory Haldeman, who just turned pro at the Jr. Nationals this year, and undoubtly made an impression with the judges by placing 2nd. She is one to look for as a top contender in the figure division. Gennifer Strobo came in a lot more muscular than we’ve ever seen her and with that current look she fell down to 3rd place.

Nicole Nagrani stepped on stage ready to claim her 1st place win and did so with a flawless bikini body and a very confident and sassy stage presence. Stunner Marcela Tribin placed 2nd, and I believe with a little more confidence on stage, she will be giving Nicole a run for her title in future competitions. Diana Graham was also very stunning and received 3rd placing. Dayna Maleton has consistently placed 4th in the past few IFBB shows she’s done and this has been a tremendous improvement from her previous placings since turning pro. She’s also a crowd favorite and I foresee great improvements from her as she appears to have nailed a look that’s pleasing to the judges. You might have also noticed that Yeshaira Robles was missing in the line-up. Unfortunately her flight was canceled and she was unable to make it to the show.

In all, this was one of the best line-up in women competitors we’ve seen in a while. I foresee a few of the women who did not place well in Figure moving on to the Europa Dallas. Look for my preview on that in a few days. Don’t forget to check out the galleries and participate and add your thoughts and commentaries on our forums on www.boards.flexonline.com



IFBB PBW Championships 2012

IFBB PBW Championships 2012