Everyone is looking for an edge in the journey to creating a healthy, strong, and fit body. Whether it’s seeking out novel and cutting-edge workout regimens, studying the latest nutrition trends, or exploring new and old dietary supplements, we want to make sure our time sweating and swearing in pursuit of an enviable physique is well-spent.

Although all of the aforementioned modalities can help you get the results you want, providing your body with the proper supplements is a good way to support all of the hard work you put into building muscle and increasing cardiovascular health.

But on the path to reaching your idea of ultimate fitness, you’ve got to be smart and careful about what you put into your body and how hard you stress it over years of training. Without proper planning and research, you could damage your health—or even get tossed out of a competition—by taking the wrong supplements.

How do you know which will help you reach your goals without harming your body? We’ve mapped out the best way to approach supplement shopping and how to make sure you build your optimal physique without getting bogged down taking unnecessary, and sometimes harmful, supps.

The term “dietary supplements” can cover a broad range of substances—micronutrients, sports foods, performance supplements, and health supplements—but we’ll be focusing on how to stay safe by choosing and using the safest workout supplements that are purported to boost performance and help with recovery. Here’s how to know how your supplements are safe for consumption.

6 Supplements You Should Take

6 Supplements You Should Be Taking

Get the most out of your training efforts by fueling your body with these top supplement selections.

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