Autumn Swansen – Danielle Reardon – Akane Nigro Ismeal – Mikaila Soto

With 32 competitors, women’s physique is by far the largest lineup of the weekend. Can Autumn Swansen prevail against such odds to become a two-time champ? 

For the second year in a row, women’s physique is the most populated lineup of IFBB Pro League action at the Arnold Classic Weekend. Last year, Autumn Swansen prevailed against 46 others to win the second- ever Women’s Physique International, and although that number is smaller this year, the challenge won’t be any easier. In a division that walks a fine line between being muscular enough and being too muscular, Swansen and her peers present a look that builds on what female bodybuilding started as in the ’80s, sans the extremities of the two decades that followed it. We’ll see how that look continues to evolve, but on March 3, one of these competitors will walk away as the epitome of the division. Get the full Women's Physique lineup HERE.


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2017 Arnold Classic

2017 Arnold Classic

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