With six IFBB wins since turning pro in 2011 at Team Universe, this “bonita chica latina” is on the brink of becoming the Olympia Bikini champion. 

Yeshaira, congratulations on a great year, which has by far your personal best;  2nd at the Bikini International, the Pittsburg Pro champion, and the two-time New York Pro champion! Would you say you have the “Eye of the Tiger” heading into the Olympia?  

Thank you so much! I am super excited for the Olympia this year. I can't wait to step on stage again. [Laughs] Yes “Eye of the Tiger" Baby!

What do you believe makes you stand apart from the rest of your competition? After all, you are in the mix for the Olympia title along with Ashley Kaltwasser, India Paulino, Amanda Latona, and Nathalia Melo, just to name a few.

They are all amazing ladies and competitors. We all have different physiques and different posing on stage. I think I'm actually the only mom from the ones you mentioned. 

How do you balance family life with competing? What advice do you have for other women who struggle with the decision to compete?

It’s pretty easy. I try to keep a schedule with work, training, and taking care of the family. I love family outings and vacations. On my days off from work, I spend time with my little girl and fiancé. My training is usually done early in the morning. My adice to other women would be to plan out a week that works for them. If they keep themselves on a schedule, everything will fall into place. 

What is your biggest challenge when preparing for competitions?  

My biggest challenge is FOOD. I love to eat! When I'm not competing I like to go to different restaurants, movies, etc. I also love sweets. When I'm getting ready for a show, I start my prep at twelve weeks out because I know there will be lots of munching around the first few weeks. Once I'm down to eight weeks, I tell myself, "That's it! I have to get ready and look my best for this upcoming show!" Even though it’s still a struggle, I rock it out.

What are your three “go to “exercises for bringing that bikini body? 

My three "go to" exercises are: 1) Single leg curls for your hamstrings (4 sets, 20 reps each and go heavier each set). 2) Single leg presses for the glutes (4 sets, 20 reps each). 3) Abs (crunches – 4 sets of 50, and leg raises – 4 sets of 50 reps).

There's a common misconception that Bikini competitors don't train hard. Describe your training regimen and how you assess if you're coming in with the "right" package (not too lean or too hard).

I know! I hear all the time that "Bikini girls don't train hard". Yes, we actually train very hard! I train 5-6 times per week when I'm prepping for a show. I ususally train Sunday through Friday and take Saturdays off. Sunday I train quads/abs, Monday I train shoulders/chest, Tuesday I train bicep/triceps/abs, Wed I train hamstrings, Thursday I train back/abs, and Friday I train glutes.I also use this hash tag on social media: #bikinigirlstrainhard.

Tell us about Yeshaira ‘s personality? And who are the most important people in your life? I think the fans may want to know if you are spoken for. [Wink wink]

Yeshaira is a fun, outgoing, and loving person. I'm always willing to help others. My family are definitely the most important people in my life, I love them so much. [Laughs] Yes, I am spoken for by the handsome Marco Rivera, also an IFBB pro competitor. He is the reason why I started competing.   

Where can we find you on line?


Instagram: @yeshaira

Twitter: @yeshaira

Okay now let’s get up close and personal with you, Yeshaira…the fans want to know!

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

Angelina Jolie

What are two words that best describe you? 

"Fun" and "Crazy"!

What are three things you can’t leave home without? 

My headphones, phone, and wallet.

What is something interesting that people don’t know about you? 

I love to eat McDonald’s four-piece chicken nuggets, one cheeseburger, small fries, and a McFlurry! [Laughs] That's what I order all the time.

What is your biggest pet peeve? 

When people pick from my food, especially when I'm not dieting! [Laughs]

What is your most memorable moment?  

Placing 2nd at the Olympia! That was unreal!!!

When you grow up, what do you want to be?

An actress!

Thank you Yeshaira and we look forward to seeing you on stage! FLEX 

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2014

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2014