Olympia Legend: Jay Cutler

For a span of 11 years and 25 shows, 4X Mr. O Jay Cutler always finished in the top two.


It had been so long we’d forgotten what it was like. He’d forgotten, too. Thirteen years is an eternity in bodybuilding, but that’s the time that passed between Jay Cutler’s eighth-place finish at the 2000 Mr. Olympia, and his sixth-place finish, at the same contest in 2013. In between, there were 25 consecutive contests (including 10 Olympias) over 11 years in which he either won or placed second. The only three men who bested him during that run were current or future Mr. O’s.

So we take this opportunity to salute the longest period of uninterrupted top two finishes in bodybuilding history. Just call it “The Streak.”

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