larry-scottGREAT SCOTT

The Golden Boy was the first Mr. Olympia, in 1965. Larry Scott repeated in 1966 and then retired at the age of 27. The Legend is the only Mr. Olympia to finish his career undefeated on the O stage.



469,000 square feet of space planned for the 2015 Olympia Expo!

The early O Expo incarnations were nowhere near the size it is today. The 2014 Olympia Expo boasted more than 1,100 booths, 221 vendors, and a full roster of events. With more of all the above added each year, expect the 2015 rendition to be a nonstop frenzy of fitness and bodybuilding spread out over 469,000 square feet.



dorian-yates-front-double-bicepsYIKES, YATES!

They were impromptu black-and-white photos snapped for newly crowned Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates to gauge his progress for the 1993 O. Same place, same lighting; the only variable was his physique. The pics became public, and the fact that anyone could look like that only weeks out from the show was disheartening, to say the least. Before he even stepped onstage, Yates had effectively won his second Sandow.



The current record for consecutive O wins


It started in 1970 when Arnold Schwarzenegger toppled the seemingly invincible Sergio Oliva. For the next five years, he held bodybuilding’s greatest prize. He came out of retirement in 1980 for a seventh title, and many experts were sure his record would stand for decades, if not more. But a mere four years later, 24-year-old Lee Haney began his eight-year winning streak. Then Dorian Yates, the man who finished second to Haney the previous year, held on—despite injuries—for six years.

Enter Ronnie Coleman. The man nobody picked to win upset all the favorites. By the time he finished, he had tied Haney’s eight. Current four-time champ Phil Heath’s stated goal is 10. Will he reach the halfway mark this September?

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